Switch Idea – How it started and the story so far

Not so long back in 2012, We started Switch Idea for the very #ONE reason – To help students get employment opportunities in an easy way. (Think skills, Think Colleges, Think opportunities).

The story behind the name – SWITCH IDEA

The NameWe humans are always for a lookout to try new things in our lives. Things that you liked and loved doing once, may or may not be the same now. Change is natural. Evolution comes along with change. We are humans; the breed which is not only multi-talented but also very moody to engage in the ideas that comes as a part of change. We switch ideas, bounce on different thoughts, learn multiple skills, and turn out to be a constant from millions of variables.

Domain Registered: January 13, 2012

The beta version: 1.0 (February 20, 2012)

Switch Idea vCard
Switch Idea (Beta 1.0)
  • Employer Signup
  • Student Signup
  • vCard – A user’s profile on Switch Idea (displaying basic skills, portfolio, name and other details)

Team: Niranjan Yadav  [+] Rohit Maku (a friend who owned two pizza restaurants)

Assets: Free WiFi + Free workspace

The beta version: 1.1 (May 14, 2012)

Switch Idea (Beta 1.1)
Switch Idea (Beta 1.1)
  • Revamped Homepage
  • Resume Upload Option
  • vCard Efficiency Meter (a small progress bar showing the profile completeness of the the user)
  • Skill Match algorithm (Employer looking for skill ‘A’, the student (with matching skills) would get notification on his/her social network)
  • Social Media Notifications
  • Closed system (visibility of openings)
  • Official Blog

Team: Niranjan Yadav [+] Rohit Maku (a friend whose two restaurants have been closed by now) [+] Sneha Maun [+] Mehak Khakhu [+] Vinayak Chaughule

Assets: Portable Router + Paid workspace (Java Green Cafe) + Switch Idea now a ‘Proprietorship’ firm

Something in between: Switch Idea got selected by Wahooly Inc. (USA) as the only Indian startup. (Note: Wahooly was a crowd funding company that introduced social networkers to startup websites, giving them an investment stake in return for promoting the new business. It launched in late 2011 through a partnership with Klout. Described as “a group of socially-connected individuals that together, help launch startups.” They launched with 27,000 initial beta members and are looking to help accelerate the growth of 200 businesses in 2012.)

Media Coverages: YourStory, NextBigWhat, GyanCentral, Trak.in, DevilsWorkshop, Blogsolute, TechyLab, and others

Evolution Phase (for more than a year):

  1. Wahooly Inc. shut down; This affected our growing userbase (85% from USA, rest from India). This made me keep Switch Idea as a side-project.
  2. New friends made (Bloggers of all breeds)
  3. Started Blogging (Startcup –  A discovery blog for nascent startups across the globe. Later, this blog got an Award for the best 2013 Indian blog for startups by IndiBlogger)
  4. More new friends (entrepreneurs)
  5. Started Teaching (Blogathon – A two day workshop for launching WordPress blogs.)
  6. More new connections (teachers, college faculties and students)

The beta version: 1.2 (May 9, 2014)

Switch Idea (Beta 1.2)
Switch Idea (Beta 1.2)
  • Technology stack moved from CakePHP to Python Django (with Elastic Search, RDS and SES integrations)
  • New UI (Simple and Clean). Built on Bootstrap 3
  • Easy navigation (Similar openings on individual pages and curated short-links on homepage)
  • One way messaging (Employer-to-Student)
  • Integrated Support-desk
  • Open-system (visibility of openings)
  • Focuses precisely on two kinds of opportunities (Internships and Fresher Jobs)
  • Caters specifically to seven cities (Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata)

Team: Niranjan Yadav [+] Rohit Maku [+] Denzil Lewis [+] Raj Mahajan [+] Rohan Gupta [+] Philip Verghese [+] Shruti Shah (and other employees).

Assets: Full time team (Development, Operations and Marketing) + Two Offices (Navi Mumbai and Bangalore) + Valuable Mentorship + Switch Idea now a product of ‘Mottled Technologies Pvt. Ltd.‘ + Multiple Trademarks Registered


Recent Statistics - Switch Idea
Recent Statistics – Switch Idea


This post will be updated as we continue switching our ideas, bounce on better opportunities, keep building a better community for students and employers, and turn out to be the most preferred internship platform.

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