For all the undergraduates. These are two hacks for getting your first internship.

My name is Niranjan Yadav, and I am 22.

Today, I feel is the right time, I should draft a message for all the student users on #SwitchIdea focusing on how ‘time’ plays a crucial role in our lives, especially when we all are pursuing our graduation.

First and foremost, my goal is to teach you everything you need to start, as well as guidance on avoiding the minefield of internships so your first jaunt into the woods does not end in you losing an arm or leg in the process.

I particularly geared this article for you, a passionate student looking out for awesome internships, because I know it can be a scary experience when there is just so many things to do at a time. Assignments are most time consuming; then are the examinations. Where do you begin?

Well, that’s where we at Switch Idea come in. To start this as a quick read, I’d ask you to do two things (the most important elements I’d rather say):

[1] Create a sooper-dooper resume: Believe me, these 2-pages really matter. How? See, when you apply for an internship opening, it’s not you, but these 2-pages that are going to qualify you to lead the next round. Try to add everything, that showcases you as a potential asset for the recruiter. Check out this article on what you need to know about making your first resume.

[2] Draft a nice cover letter: When I say ‘nice’ it simply means short-n-simple, with a key focus on what value additions will your skills bring to the company. While drafting your cover letter, I’d highly recommend you to study the background of the company, the key people, the culture, their products and almost every tiny bit of information you can. Here’s a resource article on how to write a good cover letter.

PS: This post is in continuation and  I will be regularly publishing a series of internship hacks. If you feel like writing back to me with your suggestions (we should improve on) or questions (which I can help with), drop me an email [at]


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