And you are the real value. A differentiator.

The reality is that in today’s market, you personally make a huge difference. By enlisting your knowledge, expertise, and ideas to the relationship, you separate yourself from all the product-pushing gurus (peddlers) out there. Ultimately you become irresistible; people want to do business with you.

I personally know a woman who sells hand made goods to major retailers. Her product line is basically a commodity, and decision makers often use pricing as their primary criterion in selecting vendors. But not for her. She helps her customers increase their sales by:

  1. regularly shopping the competition and advising her retail customers about the market trends // beingpassionate
  2. designing packaging alternatives and creative displays to encourage their customers to buy more at one time // beingcreative
  3. creating unique products for special occasions (like Diwali, Christmas and others) to drive in additional revenue // beinginnovative

If you closely look, these are not part of her job description. But she willingly brings her knowledge of design, style, and business to the relationship, her customers reap huge benefits.

Hope, this was helpful!


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