A tale of two rocks. Close to each other.

I heard it from her. From my granny, back in 1998 (when I was in class two).

This is a small story of a sculptor, who was walking down the sunny padded road across the village. There, somewhere in; near the grass, he spotted two rocks. Close to each other.

They attracted him and he went closer. He thought he could make something nice out of it.

Putting down all his tools on a small piece of cloth, he started carving the first rock. To deepen the curves, he began hammering it with his chip-shaped stone. “Ah…it pains”, said the rock. The rock resisted, as it was painful for it. The sculptor couldn’t work properly on it.

He then moved to the second rock, and started hammering it. Started shaping it. It was equally painful (in fact more). The day passed away. Everyday, the sculptor did his work on it.

Not very soon, after almost three weeks, the sculptor carved out Ganesha’s idol from it. And it was magnificent!

One fine evening, few old men spotted this idol, and they immediately called up all the villagers. A decision to place this Ganesha’s idol in a temple was collectively taken.

Men and women along with their children visited this temple everyday. They offered sweets. The pandits cleaned the idol every single day. They bathe it with milk. However, there was a small problem for the priest. There was no place for breaking coconuts.

And someone just pointed out at the other rock, laying across the road. It was brought up, and used as a shell for breaking coconuts. This continued throughout its life.

What did I learn? Every hardship is an upcoming opportunity. Don’t compare yourself with others. Go through it. Face it. Beat it. You’ll be a gem. #Toho


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